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Getting into Timeshare is Easy, Getting out Isn't...

Updated: May 7, 2021

We know that. One of our clients recently decided that her timeshare, which she paid off years ago, wasn't worth keeping. 

"It didn't fit my travel abilities," she said.

What Next: There was no way out. Her contract, like most timeshare agreements, had a perpetuity clause. When she phoned the timeshare company to request that it take back her unit, a representative dutifully informed her she was stuck with her condo and the $600 in annual maintenance fees forever. If she failed to pay her maintenance fees, the company politely threatened to sue her or put a lien on her other properties.

She's not alone. 68 percent of timeshare owners, who do not Cancel within their rescission period, regret their purchase. 92% of them want to sell it. That's a lot of Unhappy timeshare owners. And lately, they've been asking us if those perpetuity clauses really are forever...

The answer is NO!

We can help you navigate the process of terminating a timeshare with a perpetuity clause and your interval ownership interest.

1-844-991-0488 or 1-417-761-8035 Fax: 1-417-719-7884 Email:

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