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Our  core team has a Collective 80+ years of timeshare industry experience. Since our founding, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering Clarity, Compassion and Integrity for timeshare owners regardless of where they may fall on the Life Cycle of Vacation Ownership. As advocates for timeshare consumers, we wear the white hat in this industry with pride! Our goal is for you to leave your first interaction with us as a more informed timeshare consumer and timeshare free! Which is why over 6,000 Families and Individuals have utilized our Timeshare Cancellation & Exit Services, and countless tens of thousands have used our FREE Information to avoid the pitfalls and traps of the timeshare Industry.


With all the doom and gloom being spread about the timeshare industry, it doesn't take a  rocket scientist to find the statistics, and sometimes heart-wrenching stories showing that millions of timeshare consumers are frustrated with their Timeshare or "interval ownership" package. The real question is "Are timeshare cancellation & exit services right for me?" The overwhelming answer is "Maybe." Our team is quite comfortable telling you this truth. Little more than 20% of timeshare owners actually qualify for Timeshare Cancellation & Exit Services. According to A.R.D.A. that is approximately 2.7 Million Timeshare Owners. Don't lose hope though, as advocates for you, it is our job to provide safe, reliable and responsible exit information. 

Regardless of where you are on the Life Cycle of Timeshare Ownership, whether you're happy unhappy, or indifferent with your vacation ownership experience, give us a call or click the badge  and fill out one of our forms on this site. Our team will create your timeshare ownership profile and ensure that you receive the most actionable information for your timeshare and unique situation. As Advocates for timeshare consumers, we won't charge you one red cent for your FREE Timeshare Termination Assessment and Ownership Profile.


Our Founder Founded Interval Settlement Solutions with one goal in mind. Bringing clarity, Compassion and Integrity to an industry otherwise morally bankrupt. Christopher Little was born to Samuel and Robin Little on Williams A.F.B., Mesa, AZ. He spent his youth in Anchorage, AK and moved from there to Texas after which settling in Springfield, MO where he founded Interval Settlement Solutions in 2015. Chris started in the Timeshare industry at the age of sixteen hoping to fulfill his passion of helping others. Specifically, military families to be able to travel in ways that weren't just permanent changes of station and would fit their lifestyle.

After several years working his way up the ranks it became painfully obvious that, if anything, Chris' talents were being used to manipulate good, hard-working Americans into buying  something they would never have if presented as it truly is... In fact, that is the most common complaint his timeshare cancellation & exit company receives from Timeshare Owners.


"If I had known what I know today back then, I would never have bought my timeshare."


In 2020, the  ARDA International Foundation (AIF) released a report entitled: "United States Owners Report", that echoes these sentiments. In that report, they found that 23% of timeshare owners surveyed would not buy their timeshare again if they could go back in time.

That is a HUGE problem!

Christopher's dedication to "Clarity, Compassion, and Integrity" in all business dealings is also reflected in his personal life. As a single father with full-custody of two boys aged 5 and 7,  he understands the trials and tribulations life brings and leads his company with the same core American Values that he instills in his sons, and that will always push us forward.

Getting out of a timeshare contract isn't easy... It takes Clarity, Compassion and Integrity. Something you will find Christopher Little and the team at Interval Settlement solutions embody.

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