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Timeshare News 2021: Mergers & Acquisitions, A Cause for Concern...

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

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Throughout the restlessness and political charge of the Pandemic, some very noteworthy changes have taken place in the timeshare industry. Timeshare owners who are frustrated, or may have been taken advantage of by the ruthless tactics employed by the timeshare industry, know all too well the marketing and sales schemes that come along with merger's and acquisitions.

Starting the year out with a bang, Marriott Vacation Ownership announced the acquisition of both ILG and Lawrence Welk Resorts, and Wyndham Worldwide announced the acquisition of Travel + Leisure Magazine. Rounding out the top three most concerning changes in the industry for timeshare owners as a whole in 2021; The merger of Hilton Grand Vacations and Diamond Resorts International under the leadership of Apollo Global Management, a company tied to bad mortgages and junk bonds that caused the 2008 recession.

While these are not the only consolidations happening in the timeshare industry, they are of the most concerning due to the vast majority of timeshare owners being subject to just a handful of mega-corporations or conglomerates. The consolidation of timeshare giants is coming off of a fiery decade of lawsuits against timeshare developers for misrepresentation, deceptive trade practices and deeding points to unwitting consumers to name a few. The concerned timeshare owner needs to be aware of the ramifications that come with consolidation. Veteran timeshare owners already know that this is where the life cycle of timeshare ownership can take a turn for the worse.

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Developers often institute special assessments, one time fees, and forced upgrade programs to recover the cost of of these multibillion dollar mergers & acquisitions. Whatever vacation ownership package you bought from the developer you used to own with essentially becomes nullified due to amended rights and restrictions in the new developers Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions. What does all that mean? It means that the new Developer reserves the right; through a series of over complicated contracts, trusts and deeds; to change your ownership any way they see fit, or at least that is what they want you to believe, but it doesn't quite work that way.

Apollo Global Management has made reference to their expectations to rake in hundreds of millions in fees from the consolidation of Hilton Grand Vacations and Diamond Resorts International in press release that can be found on their website. The reality is timeshare owners do not have to upgrade their ownership with the new developer to maintain their right to use their ownership. In fact, this is one of the biggest lies timeshare salesman will convince the unprepared timeshare owner during their in-house upgrade presentation. The statistics show that approximately 60% of timeshare owners who have a timeshare they are currently happy with will agree to these terms to protect their "Investment".

Timeshare Users Group owner Brian Rogers was quoted in Kiplinger's Personal Finance giving timeshare owners a not so subtle warning;

"The vast majority of owners have no idea their timeshare are basically worthless."

Springfield MO Guaranteed timeshare cancellation and exit company
Brian Rogers Quote

When you combine that with information released from a recent University of Central Florida study showing that 85% of timeshare owners regret signing on the dotted line to purchase their interval ownership, it begins to make sense why timeshare salesman are so motivated to leave no line uncrossed when attempting to sell a timeshare.

Armed with this information, what can the discerning timeshare owner really do? It starts with asking yourself, "Are timeshare cancellation & Exit services really right for me?" The answer is without a doubt "Maybe", and you definitely shouldn't have to navigate this road alone. You deserve honesty. You deserve Clarity, Compassion and Integrity. That is why every month thousands of timeshare owners are turning to Interval Settlement Solutions to get the information they need to make a better informed decision about what steps to take next on the Life Cycle of Vacation Ownership. Since 2015, Interval Settlement Solutions has helped tens of thousands of timeshare owners to avoid the scams, tricks and other types of fraud in the timeshare industry. During that time, over six thousand of those families and individuals have become timeshare free because of Interval Settlement Solutions' Guaranteed timeshare cancellation & exit services.

Whether you are happy, unhappy or indifferent with your vacation ownership experience, contact the team at Interval Settlement Solutions to get your Comprehensive Timeshare Termination Assessment and Ownership Profile absolutely FREE! Interval Settlement Solutions has the experience you need and can cancel your timeshare if you qualify for one of their Guaranteed timeshare termination programs! Don't do tomorrow what you can do today, Call Interval Settlement Solutions at 1-844-991-0488 or

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