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Are Timeshare Cancellation & Exit Services Really Right for Me?

Updated: Sep 2, 2021


Travel & Tourism is changing for the better and timeshare developers are not changing with it. This has left millions of timeshare owners wondering "Are Timeshare Cancellation & Exit Services Really Right for Me?" Looking over the timeshare industry as a whole, the answer is a resounding "Maybe". Timeshare Cancellation & Exit Services are only necessary for Timeshare Owners who are unable to cancel their timeshare via the rescission letter within the time frame legally allowed to cancel their timeshare, typically three to ten business days.

If your timeshare is paid off, we always recommend trying to give it back to your resort first. Otherwise, you may qualify for one of our Responsible Exit Programs, and we may be able to get rid of your timeshare for FREE!

Interval Settlement Solutions is a leader in the timeshare industry and specializes in end of life cycle services. Getting out of a timeshare is not an easy process in most cases, that is why we work to provide the most straightforward and Trusted Timeshare Exit experience for those wanting out of their timeshare contracts. While every timeshare owner may not qualify for our services, as consumer advocates, We would like you to know that many do not qualify because they just don't need it. Getting out of a timeshare with a mortgage is a whole other ball game. In short, there are very few ways to legally cancel a mortgage contract. Wesley Financial Group was recently sued by Diamond Resorts for illegal practices. They settled a similar lawsuit with Wyndham years ago under the name Wesley Financial, without the Group.

Are Timeshare Cancellation & Exit Services Really for me?

Getting the right information is instrumental in getting out of a timeshare no matter what the situation is. That's why Interval Settlement Solutions has created the only Timeshare Exit App you can download directly on your i-phone or android. Whether you just attended a timeshare presentation or you are a veteran timeshare owner, Download our app. It's FREE and you will have access to up to date timeshare news, instant contact with one of our team members and so much more. So, regardless of where you may fall on the life cycle of timeshare ownership, schedule a FREE Consultation with one of our knowledgeable staff through the APP and find out;

"Are Timeshare Cancellation & Exit Services Really Right for Me?"

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