Interval Settlement Solutions is committed to serving Phoenix residents who are searching for a trustworthy exit company to help cancel their timeshare contracts. If you were pressured or deceived into purchasing a timeshare, our services may be able to assist in terminating your contract. We understand the headaches that come with paying for a timeshare you no longer want and the difficulties you’re probably facing by trying to cancel your contract. Let us handle the details so you no longer have to worry about your depreciating vacation property. 


Interval Settlement Solutions was founded in 2015 and has since canceled more than 4,000 timeshare contracts for many individuals and families. We are proud to offer exceptional service in the timeshare cancellation industry in Phoenix and beyond, and our customers have repeatedly given us five-star ratings with zero complaints.



has the BEST TRACK RECORD in the Timeshare Exit Industry with ZERO complaints over 6 YEARS!

Timeshare Cancellation Company

At Interval Settlement Solutions, we are committed to providing consistent and professional timeshare cancellation and exit services in Phoenix. Whether you’re located in the Maricopa County area or anywhere in the U.S, if you need help cancelling your timeshare contract, look no further than Interval Settlement Solutions.


Fill out the Questionnaire Below and one of our World Class Timeshare Exit Strategists will contact you to Schedule your


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Please understand that not every timeshare owner will be eligible for our services. We welcome the opportunity to serve those who have purchased a timeshare because of high pressure or deceiving methods. Contact our company for our Timeshare Exit Guide if you think you might qualify for our cancellation services. 

our process

Our in-house process to cancel timeshare contracts is based on four simple steps. Steps one and two involve scheduling a consultation and meeting with an exit strategist. You will then receive a welcome packet and then hand over the work to Interval Settlement Solutions. It’s as easy as that!


We value clarity, compassion, and integrity which are built into each customer relationship. Our timeshare exit company strives to provide our clients with the highest quality service and we’ll always keep you up to date with the process. 

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