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Nationwide Scam Beware!

Updated: May 7, 2021

Ten years ago, Sandi Breding bought a week in a Las Vegas timeshare resort. She used it less than expected so, nearing retirement and needing some cash, she advertised it for sale in 2016.

Months later, Breding received a call at her Oregon home. "We've got a buyer for you,'' the caller said. All she had to do was wire money for the closing costs to David Eaton, a lawyer in Florida.

Breding looked up David Eaton on Google and yes, there was a lawyer by that name in St. Petersburg. Via Western Union, she sent $2,000. Asked for more money, she got suspicious and looked up Eaton again. This time, she called his office.

"It isn't us,'' the receptionist told her. "Mr. Eaton had his identity stolen.''



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