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Great Eastern withdrawing timeshares from MPOA

Updated: May 7, 2021

Massanutten Property Owners Association Board of Directors

Great Eastern Resort Management notified the Massanutten Property Owners Association about a month ago they would be withdrawing timeshare units by the end of the year.

Great Eastern said in a notice they would pull Summit, Eagle Trace and Shenandoah Villas Timeshare Owners Associations from MPOA, which could result in a loss of revenue.

Property owners are hoping it does not fall on them to make up for the shortfall.

Without those units in the Kettle area, the MPOA is looking at having to make up for approximately $337,000 for the annual assessment and approximately $80,000 of support for roads and the police department.

"We don't want to pay more money," one property owner said. "There are many families here who are able. There are many working-class families here who live check-to-check and can't afford huge increases."

The Board of Directors invited property owners to share suggestions on how to make up for the possible shortfall to explore options other than assessment increases.

"Retain the MPOA dispatchers," another property owner said. "They would say working at the guard gate. They would be the ones who would potentially collect the entrance fees."

Other suggestions included incorporating as a town, charging more for activities and no longer having a police department within Massanutten.

The board moved to create a task force of community volunteers and board members to be on the front lines of what action should be taken moving forward.

"We need to do what's best for this community and we need to look at every option before making any decisions," a property owner said.

The board will go over the pros and cons of each suggestion, consult with legal counsel and consider finances before meeting back on August 13 at 6 p.m. The newly formed task force, of three community members and two board members, will also come with written updates.

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