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FL SB1430

"(1)The Legislature finds that purchasers who are in default of their obligations to pay assessments, real property taxes, or other sums due, or to pay amounts due under a mortgage, lien, or encumbrance against their timeshare interests, or who may no longer desire to own their timeshare interests, may be vulnerable to fraud, deception, and unfair practices by timeshare exit assistance or relief services providers. The intent of this section is to provide a purchaser with information necessary to make an informed decision regarding the desirability of timeshare exit assistance or relief services. It is further the intent of the Legislature to require that timeshare exit assistance or relief services agreements be in writing in order to safeguard purchasers against deceit and financial hardship; to prohibit representations that tend to mislead; to prohibit or restrict unfair contract terms; and to provide a cooling-off period for purchasers who enter into agreements for timeshare exit assistance or relief services"

As part of our commitment to Clarity, Compassion and Integrity, Interval Settlement Solutions has always operated using "Best in Business Policies" that far exceed the requirements of this Bill. When you choose Interval, you get Clarity, Compassion and Integrity at its best!


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