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BBB refuses to give Interval Settlement Solutions a Rating

Many people have worried that we are NOT BBB Accredited and have No Rating... Here is proof that we have Committed ourselves to Maintaining Standards above and beyond the Requirements of the BBB. #ClarityCompassionIntegrity.


On March 19, 2020 our CEO Reached out to the St. Louis BBB to have our rating restored in route to getting Accredited. After a years long BBB Investigation into the Entire Timeshare Industry, He felt our Track record of working with the BBB and our commitment to ethical business practices should result in Our A+ Rating being restored. As many people are less comfortable seeing a Business, regardless of its track record, without such basic Credentials in the business world, we felt it necessary to share our Experience to Help you make the most Educated decision you can in Exiting your Timeshare Contract.

Below you will see the response we received from the Vice President of the St. Louis BBB. Regardless of our track record and utmost commitment to; Clarity in advertising, Compassion for our Clients, and Integrity in ethical practices within the Business Marketplace we are unable to receive the blessing of our current BBB leadership.


Do not be confused, the BBB operates like a McDonald's Franchise; i.e., there are a certain set of Guidelines they must follow and that is at the Discretion of their Corporate leadership. What this means is you are likely to see far less CREDIBLE or REPUTABLE businesses headquartered in other BBB Territories that ARE indeed Accredited with hundreds of complaints and an A+ Rating.


This post isn't intended to discredit the St. Louis BBB, but rather to shed light on the Disparities that can be found within the framework of BBB Guidelines and Principles allowing an imperceptible amount of Fraudulent businesses to operate under the guise they are "ACCREDITED" by the BBB.

Interval Settlement Solutions is a Member of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce.

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